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Test Orchestrator

Test Orchestrator - a framework for managing tests in CI. Orchestrator gives you an opportunity to enable / disable specific automation tests without any changes in the source code. If a test fails due to changes by the developer or other cause, it could be quickly disabled from the main pool of tests to unblock CI. The orchestrator works both with Unit and UiTests! Quarantine is another feature of Test Orchestrator. A newly added test would have to pass 10 consecutive times before being added to the CI pool of tests. The same rule applies for updated/fixed tests. This feature eliminates flakiness in CI! You can also create testplans to run certain tests as well as see complex reports about their general status and flakiness report. Global settings allow you to set up everything to run your tests, but you can make changes in setting in each specific test plan. You can as well make changes to the settings of a single test. In every test plan or in a list of tests you see the result of each tes. All these features allow you to make your testing efficient and quicker.